Baby Bison, don't tread on that pretty flower...

Baby Bison, don't tread on that pretty flower...
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Resistance is futile

Going where no man has gone before...and meeting the Borg. Captain P. learned at least one lesson from that lengthy encounter encompassing several episodes in that next generation: even when resistance is futile, resist anyway if it's right.

It was the right time to join the high tech world of cell phones especially finding ourselves without a charger in the house and three soon-to-begin-dying phones. One was in New Mexico (hope the twins don't call Australia too often, though that would be challenging with just the charger and no phone) and the other two were left in Gatlinburg last week. This ditching of all the chargers (like old Sixties Dodges) was unintentional, but it did spur us to a move we've talked of for awhile now. We have both been unhappy with the Go Phones we had bought at Wal-Mart in recent years. Having recently joined Facebook and begun blogging, I reflected that it might bea sign from somewhere...Jean Luk? Or perhaps Use-the-force-Luke? Anyway it was time to join the cell revolution.

We went from simple Go Phones to LG Xenons that have touch screens (aren't we worried about smudges and finger prints obscuring everything) and sliding key boards (not that we've ever texted anyone about anything). So here we are with two new fully charged cell phones. It took me awhile to know how to check voice mail, activate that infamous touchscreen, even turning it on and off was...actually exactly the same as with the Go Phones. So, it's not so bad after all. They even gave us instruction books. Wow! And they are surely prettier and sleeker than the old ones.

Kind of like our bodies on the healing diet...prettier and sleeker. Well, at least Delores'. Mine is just a little lighter. By the way, I did find a new belt at Ross Dress for Less today for several dollars less than the Wal-Mart Always price. I've needed one since I lost 4 waist inches and bought new pants. See how sneakily I turned this blog from technology to buying clothes that fit better. Actually the title still fits.

Whether in new technology or a new healthy lifestyle...resistance is indeed futile. That's what I thought when I ate that delicious piece of Boston Cream Pie at the MMC Christmas Open House last evening before night classes began. Chalk it up to an eating vacation day at work. I had very little resistance, so what small amount I did have was futile.

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