Baby Bison, don't tread on that pretty flower...

Baby Bison, don't tread on that pretty flower...
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Can you hear God singing?

For years I've used the question generated by the last phrase in the New International Version of Zephaniah 3:17..."He rejoices over you with singing" as part of my personal email signature. I've quoted the verse and then queried, "Can you hear God singing?" My pulpit minister even called attention to this little-known verse in a sermon a couple of years ago. In all reality I know I've heard God singing...Where? You might ask. My answer would be, "In many places."
I heard HIM following the emergency C-section of my youngest. I was holding the hours-old miracle in a rocking chair next to the incubator. As I softly crooned "Thank God for Kids," I could've sworn I wasn't singing alone...perhaps it was just the voice of the nurse under whose watchful eye I swayed, but I could've sworn...
I head HIM as well in the roar of dawn's early light at High Falls in Canada. Camped on the knoll of the island overlooking the wider-than-high falls that steered the river from one lake to the next, I woke early to a scene of mist and fog. Sitting in the tent for a moment before venturing out to capture the photo that now hangs enlarged on my bedroom wall, I was sure there was more than the wind in those swaying trees and that roar of the rapids.
Then there is the angelic voice HE gave my second child and first daughter. I love to hear her sing. She can take that high note in the quite-difficult-to-croon national anthem up into the rafters as few that I've ever heard. I imagine it's not just her voice alone giving my the shiver up my spine.
So, how about you? Can you listen quietly and perhaps remember some moments in time when you just might have heard that still small voice...singing? I'll bet you can. If not, get the poem "Creation" by James Weldon Johnson; read it aloud, but softly; and listen. God might start reciting along...or maybe He'll begin to sing - there is a choral version of that epic poem. What an incredible imagining! What a God we who sings love songs over His children. WOW!

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