Baby Bison, don't tread on that pretty flower...

Baby Bison, don't tread on that pretty flower...
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finally Eating To Live, not living to eat!

On July 14, 2009, we had our first visit with Dr. Josh Axe in Brentwood, TN. At that time I weighed about 227 pounds (down about 6 pounds from May 1), was taking two Avandamet tablets a day for Type 2 diabetes, and one pill a day for high blood pressure. We started getting adjusted to relieve the nerve inflammation and restore the Ark of Life in the neck (we were both at 0% curve) as well as restoring the spinal curvature in and straightening of the lower spine. We also started to detox and change our bodies from acidic to alkaline with the Healing Diet and purified water (among other things). In the photo Delores and I are depositing our empty pill containers in Dr. Axe's office jar for that purpose. As of the 3-month x-ray, here are the results so far:

  1. Lost 24 pounds

  2. Totally off diabetic meds

  3. Totally off high blood pressure meds

  4. Restored 15% curve in neck (average after 3 months is about 10%)

  5. Straightened lower spine

  6. Food tastes great

  7. Don't miss some foods that I was sure I would hate giving up

  8. Feel better with more energy and not even a cold yet during this flu season (I always get 2-3 sinus infections that end up going bronchial ever year)

  9. Lighter on my feet on the racquetball court

  10. Am much handsomer...(well 9 out of 10 isn't bad)

The results have been remarkable and the food really does taste great. Some of the things I thought I would miss that I "loved" are...

pizza...We actually made one from brown rice flour for the crust, topped with organic tomato paste, bison, and goat cheese with herbs and spices thrown in for good measure.

cheese...I used to put it on about everything. I don't anymore and don't miss it - goat cheese melts very nicely and flavors anything wonderfully.

pork...I'm enjoying the better tasting cage-free eggs with organic fruit (strawberries, banans, or grapefruit are my favorites) for breakfast - you should try my creamed eggs with almond milk and rice flour or my bison/goat cheese omelet.

ice cream...As long as I can eat my favorite nuts in moderation (cashews, almonds, walnuts, peacans, Brazils, and macadamians) and the occasional square of extreme dark chocolate (I like the 85-90% cocoa), I am okay without the cream.

Those are just a few of the things I'm not missing because of the delightfully scrumptious food. As a friend from church recently remarked, "Kerbe, it sounds as though you are experimenting in the kitchen." Remarkably insightful.

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